Introduction to Case Studies

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TPhase III clinical trials are a great opportunity for drug and device developers to prime the market for the eventual introduction of their product. Companies win by priming the market for their product, local media win by having cutting-edge health news for their readers and listeners, and investigators win by highlighting their roles in bringing new products to market among their friends and neighbors. It’s not win-win. It’s win-win-win.


The Little Clinic 

It ain’t easy being the little guy. But a patient, media-savvy strategy to introduce a new brand of walk-in medical clinics enabled a venture-backed to compete for attention against much larger players in the category. The result was The Little Clinic ain’t so little anymore. The Kroger Co. bought and now there 195 clinics in 10 states.



Kythera was an emerging drug developer when it learned that a compound pharmacy was producing a chemically similar therapy, marketing it through local spas and health clinics and threatening to spoil the market. Kythera responded with an issues management campaign that pulled the rug out from under the competition. The campaign killed the competition, Kythera received FDA approval for its therapy and Allergan eventually bought Kythera for slightly more than $2 billion.