About Us

Nourie Heineke Healthcare combines the business expertise of Phil Nourie, a 20+ year veteran of business communications, and the healthcare expertise of Bill Heineke, who has worked in healthcare public relations since 1985.

Above all, we are a strategic communications firm.  We emphasize strategy in our work because if you get the strategy right, everything else falls into place. 

Phil coined “Turning Awareness into Growth” as our motto to underscore his philosophy that if you’re generating only awareness for clients, you’re doing only half the job.  He’s developed a playbook that marries awareness to growth.  His communications plans take into account where you are in terms of awareness and creates strategies and tactics that move you to the next level.

Bill brings an awareness of the media landscape that is pretty much available only to the largest healthcare companies that can afford the biggest healthcare agencies.  As a former reporter, he can assess the news value of what you are doing and put it into a context of ongoing news coverage.  


Media Strategy
A story’s news value is based on a number of factors and all these factors play a role in crafting a story pitch.  The key is understanding which factors are most important in your story.  Nourie Heineke Healthcare has the unique ability to assess the news value of your story, put it in a news context and develop an approach that will resonate with reporters and editors.

Media Relations
With reporters and editors, you’re only as good as your last pitch.  That’s why it’s important to work with people who understand what reporters need to sell a story to their editors.  It helps if you’ve successfully pitched a reporter, but it is no guarantee that you’ll successfully pitch them again.  Media relationships at Nourie Heineke Healthcare begin with the understanding of what reporters need, how to present it to them and working your tail off to get them what they ask for when they ask for it.

Media Training
Having arranged hundreds of interviews over the years, Nourie Heineke Healthcare knows how to prep you for talking with print and broadcast journalists.  We teach you how to stay on point, how to steer the interview the way you want it go and how to look like you’ve been on television dozens of times, even if it’s your first time.

Media Monitoring
Remember when you could stay up on the news with a quick scan of the Times or the Journal.  Today, there are literally hundreds of news sites, news aggregators and other services that are impossible to stay on top of.  Nourie Heineke Healthcare offers a media monitoring service that captures the media are saying about you, your industry and your competitors, delivered to your inbox by time you get to your desk.

Case Studies