Case Study:

To position Kairos Real Estate Partners as a leading owner and operator of Class A office properties in a way that distinguishes the firm from a ‘sea of sameness’.


Kairos was founded in 2013 at a time when several existing leaders were vying for the same types of properties. Supply was ample and demand was fierce. We needed to generate high-level awareness so that their investors and potential tenants stayed focused on their progress.

Our challenge was to successfully launch Kairos' first property to market, making it distinguishable and position their founder as a stand-out executive who would emerge as a top leader in the Philadelphia region and beyond.


Our award-winning TAG (Turning Awareness into Growth) methodology includes 5 Gates, the first being “Awareness”. For a new firm like Kairos managed by a veteran leader, the best awareness in this case required strategic business development PR - stories that would not only cover the news but characterize the founder as an emerging player under his own leadership. We crafted stories delivering the firm’s targeted messaging that were published in regional and industry publications such as Philadelphia Business Journal, Globe St., Commercial Property Executive,


We created the firm's reputation as one of the top real estate leaders in the region.

Because of our approach, one of their properties, APEX Fort Washington, was named a 2016 Philadelphia Business Journal Best Real Estate Deals of the Year.