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What keeps you from reaching your true potential?

For the B2B firms we counsel, most find it hard to understand how digital content will move the needle. News doesn't...but it plays a critical role in landing in the consideration set. You know, getting invited to the table. Some find this new way of "learning" cumbersome and exhausting. But when you have a strategy and discipline to stick with it, you'll start to see marked results.

Nourie Group is helping cutting edge companies achieve growth through a structured yet flexible BD playbook that works for individuals and teams.

 Our Services

+ Business Development Playbooks

You develop loads of content, you’re active on primary social media channels, you sponsor speaking engagements, you’re in the news. If the gatekeepers know your name and what you do, then why aren’t you experiencing the kind of growth you’re expected to achieve? There is no “usually” or “typical issue” anymore. That’s why Nourie Group exists…to help you solve the real issues that might be impeding your growth potential. We provide you and your team with a TAG (Turning Awareness Into Growth) Biz Dev Playbook designed to achieve your strategic business goals.

+  Marketing Communications

Sometimes an organization isn’t ready for a TAG (Turning Awareness into Growth) Playbook. That’s OK. Sometimes you just want to focus on raising awareness. There’s a lot to be done in communicating the right messages to your gatekeepers and decision makers. We know the drill to cultivate relationships with the right influencers (journalists, producers, digital distribution channels, etc.).

+  Strategic Counsel

You’re undergoing a change in leadership and/or focusing on a shift in direction or positioning. Or perhaps developing your reputation, or managing a crisis. Call upon us to help you think through the risks and opportunities in front of you. Throughout our many years, we’ve developed a strong network of relationships ranging from governmental and community leaders to investors, to potential alliance partners and advisory board candidates, and beyond…

+  Community Relations

It’s vitally important to us that organizations are actively thinking about how to best support the communities in which they conduct their business. Whether on a small scale or large one, we help companies understand the reasons why community outreach matters and then recommend ways to get involved, far beyond simply writing a check.

Sample Program Elements & Corresponding Fee Structures


$30,000 / 2-Month Project

  • Align PR and Social with Business Goals
  • Apply Awareness to Sales
  • Data Analytics Set-up
  • New-Business Content


$50,000 / 3-Month Project

  • Creating Rainmakers Workshop
  • Develop Data-Driven Awareness
  • Develop Team Goal Sheets
  • Pretend Investor-Day Pitch
  • Unbounded Focus Workshop


$75,000 / 5-Month Project

  • TAG Playbook
  • Customer Acquisition Plan
  • Strategic Planning
  • "Always-B2B-Closing" Workshop
  • "Why-We-Won" Index
Nourie Group's (GRP) program and fee structure is designed to be there with you from the outset to the exit. Our mission is to support your business development goals whether you're a start-up looking to raise capital, an emerging growth company interested in expanding, or a middle market firm determined to be on everyone's short list.

Your B2B prospects are eager to learn about you - but on their terms. Our GRP advisors are ready to prepare you on how best to educate your prospects. Social business development has been in existence for decades; it's just taken on a new form and we know how to guide you through the modern maze. Nourie Group is focused on supporting the modern CMO who needs to solve the overarching marketing challenge: "How do I turn all my awareness into growth?"  Start with Nourie GRP.