We STEP up to the Plate

We are Strategists

anticipating trends and news cycles to always put our clients out on the front lines - presenting them as experts in their field before reporters and producers call seeking comment.

We are Translators

crafting company information and key messages into newsworthy stories for the media.


We are Engineers

of perception, able to innovatively develop corporate branding to enhance a company's public image and attract potential business.

We are Proactive

in not only getting the best coverage for our clients in relevant, synergistic media, but also strive for the positioning and recognition of those placement.

You are a start-up organization

You’re on top of the world! You had an idea, you bounced it off a few friends, and then you told your parents or relatives who shot it down. That was your fuel for starting your own business. Today, you don’t eat, you don’t sleep. Downtime is a beer and backgammon. Back to the grind. You need hungry people. You need a website, some business cards, clean clothes to last a few weeks. You need everything. Now!

Been there, done that. Our captain, Phil Nourie, has built businesses since the age of 32 from a studio apartment in New York City in 2001 to opening his first office at 535 Fifth Avenue in 2002 with the launch of NouriePR (2001-2006); then branding/PR firm Nourie Johnson (2008-2011); and now business development communications firm Nourie GRP (2014 – present). He learned the ropes of crisis communications, investor relations and marketing communications during stints at Citigate, Ruder Finn and Rubenstein representing the likes of dotcom start-ups, to real estate moguls of Manhattan to global portfolio managers. Prior to that, Phil tasted institutional sales at UBS and Cowen & Co.

In our own evolution – when social media didn’t exist, to then it starting to emerge, and now dominating our way of communicating – we have excelled at putting companies on the map, to then ensuring ones expand on the map. We use our TAG model to assess what a start-up company really needs.  

You are an emerging growth company

You launched your business a few years ago. Not quite breaking even. You hired and fired a few duds. Culture is mixed, there’s no one really leading, just focused on new business and raising capital to keep the lights on. You’ve gone through a few PR firms already, completely disenfranchised by the process and lack of results. We use our TAG model to assess what an emerging growth company really needs.

You are a middle market firm

You’ve been in middle-market land for at least 10+ years now, in some cases 100+ years such as a dusty law firm or investment bank. Anniversaries used to matter. No one cares about that or even the chairperson’s birthday. The middle market has changed. Getting invited to the table has been turned on its head. You’ve held onto loyal CMOs who have the maturity and know-how to appease managing partners. They know how to protect the Old Guard, the folks who built the brand. Only one issue. The brand is retiring.  And growth is going down or sideways. A few competitors with the same pedigree have upended their approach, recruited new blood and are focused on younger associates to generate revenue. Senior partners are disgruntled. They want the good old days to return. But the ROI on that gig is nil. No one has time to chase a white ball for six hours, numb their brains and bring in new business with a handshake. We use our TAG model to assess what a middle market firm really needs.