Case Study:
  • Facilitate discovery & establish digital brand positioning, so Warren Financial is recognized and understood by clients and prospects.
  • Develop the digital presence that conveys what kinds of investors Warren Financial claims to serve best.
  • Build story-driven experience platform that could help the firm better understand client life goals.

The biggest challenge that Warren Financial was facing in their efforts to grow their business and promote their brand to the public was to stay in close contact and engage customers through their website.

During our discovery phase, we realized their current digital platform didn’t do a good job delivering the “branding messaging” to clients. We felt this could be significantly improved while defining our strategy.

Our challenge was to effectively articulate a brand’s voice and help the firm go through the differentiation barrier; to get specific with what kinds of investors Warren Financial claims to serve best and ultimately make the business relevant to the right group of clientele. 


For every client program, we utilize our TAG (Turning Awareness into Growth) approach to ensure that client objectives are met. For Warren Financial, the key objective has been to grow their business and engage customers through their digital platform.

There are many financial advisors who offer investment planning services to their clients. For Warren Financial to stand apart from the competition, we needed a new approach.

Leveraging branded content and engaging clients to both educate and inspire were key factors.

We referred to our TAG gating process by focusing on Gate #1 “Awareness” by effective brand strategy and messaging. To succeed Warren Financial had to differentiate themselves as a firm who wants to connect with, learn about, and serve a particular group of customers.

Our approach was simple, in order for us to help our client establish a direction for their digital presence, we had to learn about the customers the firm connects with when the business message is clear, because they respond to those touchpoints.

By understanding the three consumer mindsets identified in our research session, we were able to structure the site into three separate user journeys: Self Made, Dual Income, and Family Owned, making Warren Financial clients part of the site. Each user journey served its distinct purpose to help convey the information and content to the consumer.

We took advantage of such services as Skype, podcasting, videos, audio-bios and included them on the website, so our client stays in close contact with the customer.

Such services helped in building effective relationships with listeners. It gave the feeling that the listeners and viewers know the person speaking on the podcast, which builds trust.

Next, it was imperative to build awareness around the ‘greater purpose’ mission which truly makes Warren Financial a lifestyle brand.

Warren Financial has been known as a wealth management advisory firm. Engaging clients to both educate and inspire were key considerations for our client.

We used the ‘Investing for a Greater Purpose’ tagline as the foundation and messenger for our designs. To establish this positioning, we surfaced the ‘Your Greater Purpose’ mission statement on the site and presented users with quick access to top level content and videos.

This strategy was driven by the shared values and interests we found between Warren Financial and their consumers. 

A core element of the website includes stories from clients that touch on what their greater purpose is in life, beyond achieving financial security.


We helped Warren Financial differentiate their firm from its competitors and build a brand approach to digital that was unlike any other experience in the financial consulting industry.

Thus, Warren Financial did limit the number of competitors in their sector because the firm now is perceived as one of the few advisors that can assist a client with their unique needs.

And finally, we built the firm's reputation and reinforced their positioning as a superior advisor in the niche.